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The real estate landscape is constantly evolving to adapt to changes in the market, the diverse needs of homeowners and renters, and advancing technologies that impact realtor and agents’ processes. Those who are looking to learn more about the space either to further their careers in real estate or find or sell a property turn to seasoned professionals as they have the expertise and insights required to educate others.

Paul Turovsky is a real estate professional who has dedicated himself to providing access to resources for individuals who wish to learn more about the space. Through a collection of resources that demystify real estate, its processes, and information about purchasing and selling properties, Paul hopes to empower individuals to seize control of opportunities available to them.

About Paul Turovsky

Paul Turovsky is a real estate professional with 16 years of experience within the sector.  Turovsky focuses on  commercial and residential real estate and holds a wide array of skills that empower him to achieve the best results possible for his clients.

Colleagues of Paul Turovsky maintain that he is the epitome of integrity, hard work, energy, and creative service throughout every step of the real estate transaction process. Those who have worked with Turovsky speak to his immense knowledge of the diverse range of cities and neighborhoods within Florida and his acumen in nearly every aspect of the industry representing investors, sellers and buyers.

Clients note Paul Turovsky immense diligence when handling real estate transactions and speak to his ability to harness innovative tools and resources and maintain a people first approach to business. Turovsky strives to be a professional who others both trust to handle complex facets of the job and enjoy working with.

Paul Turovsky on Top House Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

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Paul Turovsky is often asked questions pertaining to the house hunting process. Naturally, Turovsky recognizes that purchasing property is a major milestone for new homeowners and offers advice that empowers them to avoid common pitfalls and get the most out of the process. Here, Paul Turovsky explores a few common mistakes that house hunters should look to avoid when buying the house of their dreams.

Going Too Far Over Budget

In a hot market, it can be incredibly easy to go over budget when buying a house. Paul Turovsky encourages house hunters to remember that while paying extra on a mortgage payment month to month may not sound too extreme now, homeowners will be making these payments for 15-30 years. For this reason, it is always a great idea to create a budget that leaves you with enough wiggle room to avoid financial issues along the way. It can be helpful to search for houses on the lower end of your budget first and work your way up depending on your needs and other factors. Sometimes it can be truly surprising what you can find in your desired area without needing to go way over your budget.

Choosing the Wrong Agent

Choosing the wrong agent for your needs can be a huge misstep when purchasing property. For best results, you will want a real estate agent that has proven experience of being great at their job functions while having a personality that can mesh well with your own in a working relationship. Real estate agents should also be knowledgeable of the area that you are looking within, be practiced in the type of properties you are exploring and have specialties that align with your needs as a client. One of the best ways to avoid picking the wrong agent is to have quick conversations with top choices before taking the next step in the house hunting process. House hunters should be able to ask questions pertaining to what they need as a client, gauge their prospective agent’s experience, and get a feel for their personality to see if they are the right fit.

Compromising on Important Features

Usually, house hunters aim to stay at the home that they choose for several years, and it is crucial for them to choose a house that properly supports their needs and lifestyle. Some compromises will certainly be required along the way as no home is perfect, however, overlooking too many flaws because you are enamored with a property can have damaging consequences in the future. Paul Turovsky recommends that potential homebuyers have a clear idea of their wants, needs, and the differences between the two long before beginning the formal process. For example, décor, wall colors, and certain fixtures are often something that can be easily changed or lived with. More significant features such as the number of rooms, structural or electrical issues, etc. can be expensive or difficult to address. Try to avoid over compromising to find a property with the perfect balance to support your needs.

Skipping Inspections

While it is certainly tempting to purchase a home as-is, especially during a hot bidding war for a desirable home, skipping inspections can be a huge mistake in the home buying process. After all, noting is more important at the end of the day than the overall condition and integrity of the property. Turovsky encourages house hunters to get a home inspection form a real inspector that is certified. Typically, your real estate agent can be a helpful resource for connecting you with the right person for the job. A simple inspection can help a potential buyer avoid purchasing a home that may need thousands of improvements just to be considered safe and up to code.

More from Paul Turovsky

Paul Turovsky recognizes that the fast-paced world of real estate can be a daunting space to step into for individuals who lack formal education or experience. For this reason, Paul Turovsky aims to act as a resource for individuals who would like to learn more about the space through this site. Future posts from Paul Turovsky will address topics such as traits associated with successful real estate professionals, tips for finding the best agent for your needs, recent developments within the Florida real estate market, and more.

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